Middleton's Black & Mild Mild (Select) Cigars 10 Packs of 5


A cigar that has truly achieved mastery when it comes to offering taste that is mild in flavor is the Black & Mild - Mild edition. Relish the delectable mild cigar, which has been wrapped and bound to perfection by a homogenized tobacco leaf which renders a consistent burn and smooth finish. Containing John Middleton's perfectly cured pipe tobacco within, each of these cigars proffer a smooth smoke that is mild in strength - perfect for those that prefer to abstain from the harsher blends. Rolled into convenient dimensions of 5x30, each cigar is guaranteed to bring about a smoking experience that is more than pleasurable. Plus, once you wrap your lips around a perfectly polished plastic tip that tops off each cigar, you will understand that no competitor comes close to what this product has to offer. Tobacco Stock offers this product in 10 packs of 5 or a box of 25, where each cigar is tightly packaged in order to preserve its integrity.