Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps 4 for 99 Cents 15 Pouches of 4 Purple


Another great product is on sight. Introducing the legendary Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps Purple, a wrapper with a purple foil that is suitable for any occasion. Made with the finest tobacco products out of the Dominican Republic, you can now expect a wrap that is concocted from the finest plants that were grown under impeccable climatic conditions, featuring the optimal delivery of high humidity and sun rays during the entire growth process. Made with a French recipe that dates back to the 1800s, these wraps are manufactured and distributed by National Tobacco, a company that prevails over competition by the art of continuously setting high standards that are impossible to top. Packaged into resealable pouches for the purpose of freshness and quality preservation you can now expect the best tasting wraps that would be a great home for your filler tobacco.