Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps 4 for 99 Cents 15 Pouches of 4 Sweet


Appease your senses with the most viable dessert replacement currently available on the market. The legendary Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps Sweet are perfect for a delectable treat to the senses post any meal you ingest; however, unlike edible desserts these wraps will never spike your blood sugar. Sweet to the taste and aromatic to the senses, you can now feel free to stuff them with any filler you wish to without bringing an overbearing experience of flavor and taste into the equation. With a continuously mild strength profile, you can now sit back and relax as your senses get tantalized. Grown on the fertile lands of the Dominican Republic, these beauties always get the right amount of humidity, sunshine and rainfall to make them perfectly ripe. Manufactured by National Tobacco and packaged into resealable pouches these wraps preserve their freshness extremely well.