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Captain Black Royal Pipe Tobacco 7 oz. Can

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Experience a delightful pipe tobacco that gifts one with a sweet and delicate aroma - an experience that will put Captain Black as one's top choice of pipe tobaccos. Made from an exclusive blend of black and golden Cavendish tobaccos, along with some Burley tobaccos, this product burns evenly and smoothly once ignited, with a clean finish due to its loose cut. This pipe tobacco leaves behind a balanced room note, for it makes its presence known not only to the taste buds but the sense of smell as well. The flavor intensity of this product mediates between mellow and balanced, not overpowering the senses yet allowing you to cognize its aromatic taste. Topped off with a vanilla flavor, this pipe tobacco is guaranteed to please the sense of taste with a reminiscence of flowers. Captain Black Royal Black Pipe Tobacco is packaged conveniently in 7oz cans or 5 pouches of 1.5oz each - both options packing the tobacco tightly to prevent the distribution of shake and preserve freshness. This product is made exclusively by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group

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