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Cherokee Blue (Mellow) Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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Just because a flavor is labeled as 'mellow' doesn't mean that it lacks on the delivery of flavor. This soothingly sweet and aromatic pipe tobacco is designed to be gentler on the throat and nose than full bodied blends, yet it still perfectly delivers the flavor it is infused with. Cherokee has packed this blend with natural tobacco, sourced from mixing flue cured and burley tobaccos together until perfection is attained. Whether you wish to add your Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco blend to your pipe or roll it into paper, the manufacturer guarantees a slow and consistent burning experience that is supported by a pleasant aroma that leaves behind a rather low room note. This ribbon cut pipe tobacco is comprised of Virginia tobaccos that have grown to a state of ripened perfection, right before the leaves turned super smooth. This blend offers a truly uncompromising experience.

Cherokee is a Native American tobacco manufacturer that grows and processes their own tobacco products to fit the ancient recipes of the American Indians. Manufactured out of South Boston, Virginia, this company uses secret blends to create their pipe tobaccos in a way that suits the preference of some of the pickiest tastes on the market.

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