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Cherokee Turkish Bold Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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Turkish bold tobacco is used worldwide to create a medium to full bodied smoking experience. Generally stronger in taste and flavor than other blends, the Cherokee Turkish Bold Pipe Tobacco always offers an extra kick that is appreciated by smokers which prefer a harsher smoke, whereby all infused flavors are boldly pronounced. Made exclusively from a balanced recipe consisting of Green River and Cavendish tobaccos, this product is ribbon cut in order to comfortably suit a pipe or allow one to roll it gently into paper. Air cured to perfection, this Pipe Tobacco renders a creamy smoke that gives way to a noticeable room note. The natural tobacco that comprises this blend allows for a milder in strength smoking experience that is perfect for those that are starting out with Turkish tobacco. This concoction offers an experience hard to match by other blends of similar taste.

If you're looking towards purchasing a pipe tobacco that has withstood the test of time, look no further. Cherokee is a specialized manufacturer that deals with the implementation of ancient American Indian recipes of tobacco growth and processing into the modern world. Operating out of South Boston, Virginia, this company produces some of the best tobacco products in the world.

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