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Good Times Black Flat Wraps Pre Priced 25 Pouches of 2


If you love rolling your own cigarettes and cigars, you might find yourself interested in this brand new product dubbed The Good Times Flat Wrap. This exclusive product is constructed of premium tobacco compress leaves. Available in a variety of flavors, these blunt wraps allow you to make your own custom cigar each time. 

These Good Times Black Flat Wraps were produced by the Dominican Republic and come in various flavors such as passion fruit, sour apples and watermelon. They are packaged in foil-fresh packaging, which helps preserve the quality and flavor. They're a great bargain, providing the same quality and flavor as cigarettes , but at cheaper costs. They're an excellent choice for anyone who loves an excellent cigar with a bargain price.

The Good Times Flat Wrap cigars make a fantastic option for those who are just starting out with smoking. High-quality tobaccos provide these wrappers an excellent price. The wrappers for cigars measure four and a half inches long and 28,8 inches across. Each pouch has two leaves. While they're not expensive They are made to last for a long time. Along with the taste and price, Good Times Cigars are available in a variety of varieties. If you want to try these wrappers you can read more about their advantages here.

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