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Good Times Strawberry Kiwi Flat Wraps Pre Priced 25 Pouches of 2

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If you love the taste of strawberry kiwi in cigars, you'll be delighted by the latest Strawberry Kiwi flavor from Good Times. This wrap is manufactured in the Dominican Republic and is available in 13 flavors. You can indulge in your favorite strawberry kiwi whenever you'd like! The delicious wraps are created using premium ingredients, that are tasty and cost-effective in the same time.

This Good Times Strawberry Kiwi flat wraps 25/2's box of 50ct comes with two wrappers of double width that have an amazing taste. The wrapper is fresh and comes with the finest strawberry kiwi taste. Alongside having a high-quality flavor, this wrapper retails at a very affordable price.

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