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Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps 4 for 99 Cents 15 Pouches of 4 Green

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What's special about the Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps Green is that they proffer the same great taste that pure natural tobacco provides, but witha tinge of mintiness. Thanks to more of a refreshingly revitalizing smoking sensation delivered by these masterpieces, you can now take delight in topping the flavor of your filler tobacco with something that awakens your senses. Originating out of grandeur farms of the Dominican Republic, these cloaks are manufactured by National Tobacco in the most finest of ways that allow for the proper cultivation and curing of the tobacco that comprises them. Packaged inside of resealable pouches that render the long term preservation of freshness and quality, you can now expect the delivery of top notch material that allows for an uncompromising, medium bodied smoke that satisfies the senses and satiates the thirst for a qualitative smoke.

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