Swisher Sweets Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2 Cigars Regular


The best of the best in Swisher cigarillos, Swisher Sweets Regular is a classic that has yet to be toppled in the market. Presenting smoke sticks at their most basic, this machine-rolled winner melds the filter with the rest of the body for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Created with Swisher Sweets’ famous sweet flavors, it’s the gold standard of smokes. Its natural wrapper embraces the short filler tobacco, providing slow and even burns from the first puff to the last. Swisher Sweets Regular cigarillos boast a gentle flavor that has been sought by smokers for decades. What else to expect from the biggest cigar manufacturer in the world?

A perfect stick companion for a variety of occasions, you can get this as a pack of 30, each containing 2 cigars to enjoy anytime you want.