Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag


Expect a much gentler, smoother smoke with much softer, flakier pipe tobacco leaves than many other comparable blends. Made of the softer Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves, this product will shower you with a very mellow, forgiving smoke. Mild in strength, this blend will grant you with a comparably low flavor intensity - perfect for those that have recently begun experimenting with pipe tobacco. This blend leaves behind a non bothersome, low room note - guaranteed not to bother those in the immediate surroundings. This non aromatic greatness comes in a conveniently packaged 8oz bag that is stitched with a resealable zipper that suffices to preserve the freshness and quality of the bag's contents for a long time after it has been opened. Expect an even cut throughout the product, for Criss Cross has successfully eliminated the distribution of shake due to its tight packaging.

Made in the USA by SX Brands, Criss Cross is a tobacco manufacturer that soars above its competition due to its ability to intersect impeccable quality and great value.