Deans Strawberry Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


Hold your Deans filtered cigars in a state of pride, for those smoking cigars from Deans' competition will envy you. Comprised of air cured tobacco that has been ripened to perfection, you can expect a consistent and slow burn from this product - that's more bang for the buck! Unlike contemporary cigars which are made of the homogenized tobacco leaf, Deans is made from a cigarette-type paper wrapping which makes it a hybrid in design between a filtered cigar and a cigarette. What's great about this manufacturer is that it not only offers a wide variety of flavors, but also offers everything from a mellow to a full bodied smoke in strength profile. These aromatic cigars have a ring gauge of 20 whilst being 100mm in length - great for those that wish to extend the duration of their pleasurable experience. Tobacco Stock offers these cigars in 10 packs of 20, perfectly packaged for the purpose of the preservation of freshness and integrity.