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Djarum Black Ultra Menthol (Sapphire) Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

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Djarum Filtered Cigars have a excellent blend of menthol and cloves, making them a favorite option for smokers of cigars. They're made using high-tech equipment and come with the ring size of 24. They're packaged in a chic packaging of black and light blue. They come with a sweet, rich flavor. Each pack contains 12 cigars.

Djarum Black Ultra Menthol Cigars contain a robust Menthol taste. The natural blend of tobacco with a strong clove flavor with menthol really shines. If you prefer your cigars strong or gentle then this ultra menthol flavor will please your taste buds. Djarum cigars are a great option for smokers who enjoy a little spice in their cigars. They're also quite inexpensive.

Djarum has been producing cigarettes in Indonesia for over a decade. There are several kinds of Djarum cigars that are available. The Filtered cigars are available in vanilla, black, with ultra menthol. If you are looking for a distinctive cigar that isn't common then you must consider Djarum Filtered Cigars.

Djarum Ultra Menthol Cigars have an amazing aroma and taste. The cigars are made from natural tobacco and cloves and contain no artificial flavors or chemical compounds. They're smoke and do not produce any hazardous smoke. Furthermore, the cigars are great for those who are new to smoking and prefer a light smoke.

Djarum Black is a strong clove cigar with the best flavor. It's manufactured in Indonesia and is available in a pack of 12 cigarettes. It's made from organic ingredients, including cloves, tobacco and other ingredients specially chosen to enhance the flavor. The cloves and tobacco are harvested from Indonesian soil and in the climate. If you're a lover of cigars, look into Djarum Black.

The flavor is extremely robust, and you'll never have to look for more than one cigar at one time. Djarum Cigarillos are a great option for a break from smoking. They're an ideal option to relax after a long day. Djarum is a fantastic brand that produces some of the finest cigars on the market.

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