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Djarum Black Vanilla (Ivory) Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

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Djarum Vanilla is the name of kretek cigarettes produced under the control of Djarum Company. The cigarettes are sold in a variety of countries that include United States and Europe. They are made up of one milligram nicotine as well as 10 milligrams Tar per pack. They are great for short break in smoking and are great with a white wine that is medium-bodied.

Djarum Black Vanilla (Ivory) cigars offer the aroma of a vanilla-flavored cigar with natural tobacco wrappers. These cigars have an easy and smooth draw. Each blend has a distinct scent, smooth tobacco and a soft finish. These cigars are manufactured in Indonesia made with only finest tobaccos, and are perfected to create the longest-lasting, smooth, and mellow taste.

Djarum Filtered Clove cigarettes have been satisfying smoker cravings since 1951. They've maintained their high-quality over the years and offer excellent value for cost. Djarum Filtered Clove cigarettes come in boxes of 12 instead of 20. They are also available in boxes of ten packs. This makes them cheaper.

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