Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon Cigarillos 3 for $1.99 10 Pouches of 3

$9.60 $11.99

Ah, the sensational flavors of Bourbon Whiskey without the alcoholic intoxication is something that resides at the top of the list of many avid smokers. The Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon Cigarillos deliver top notch flavors to the palate with every single inhalation. Not only are you getting the sweetest savor, but the taste of delicious Bourbon embraces your senses like the finest perfume. Cloaked in an all natural wrapper, each of these stout smoke sticks house the finest and ripest short filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, which burn smoothly and consistently upon ignition. As you continue taking drags, you will experience flavor reminiscent of vanilla, charred wood and oak. Lengthed at 5.62 and gauged at 34, expect this product to be easy on the grasp and beautiful on the aesthetics. This listing contains 10 pouches of 3, resealable for flavor and taste quality preservation.