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Good Times Sweet Woods cigarillos 15 Pouches of 2 Russian Cream


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Good Times Woods cigarillos are manufactured in the Dominican Republic and feature premium tobaccos that are infused with a variety of flavors. They are rolled on a machine and come with the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Available in two sizes the Good Times Sweet Woods are 4.2 inches long and have the ring gauge of 27. They're a fantastic smoking option for every occasion regardless of whether you're looking for a medium bodied smoke or a stronger blend.

A mild taste and natural leaf structure, Sweet Woods Russian Cream cigarillos make perfect for novices and experienced smokers too. They are characterized by a smooth custard and vanilla taste, which is paired with a smoky tobacco blend. This blend is an excellent smoke to enjoy a peaceful day in the great outdoors. The flavor is sweet and long-lasting with a soft, smooth smoke that will leave you feeling content for many hours to be.

With an excellent natural leaf blend Good Times Russian Cream Sweet Woods Cigarillos are a top rustic blend that offers an intense tobacco flavor and delicious vanilla flavors. If you smoke inside or outdoors, this cigar will surely provide you with the most pleasant smoking experience. Connecticut Broad leaf and shorter filler tobacco are the main ingredients in this cigar. It has some sweetness in the flavor, making this blend a favorite for smokers who smoke outdoors.

They Backwoods Russian Cream Cigars are the perfect combination of spices and tobaccos. The flavor is rich and smooth, with hints vanilla, custard as well as dark espresso. It's also a bargain with an 8-pack the cigars priced at less than five dollars. Backwoods Russian Cream Backwoods Russian Cream is available in several flavors such as Honey. 

Sweet Woods are like Backwoods in flavor. They measure four and a half inches in length and are meant to be pulled out by hand. The backwoods leaf cigar is also less sturdy making it more difficult to break. However, they are simple to cut bluntly and provide excellent burn. They are made of tobacco leaves. They are sold at retail outlets all over Canada and across the U.S. and Canada.

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