Largo Gold Pipe Tobacco 12 Pouches of 0.75 oz.


Designed exclusively for those that prefer the lighter tasting recipe, the Largo Gold Pipe Tobacco is a formula that allows one to experience the true taste behind tobacco whilst reducing the punch that is delivered to the senses. Grown on domestic farms that receive ample rain and sunshine along with fertile soil, this product continues to amaze smokers due to its impeccable amalgamation of milder Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Giving off a mellow room note with every ignition, this pipe tobacco is ribbon cut to fit any roll your own or pipe with optimized versatility. Thanks to its texture, this product offers a soothing smoking experience and an even burn with every ignition. Packaged into 12 conveniently small pouches which weigh in at 0.75 oz each, this Largo product carries a perfect rating when it comes to flavor and quality preservation. If you're looking for something that is very high in quality, look no further than this masterpiece.