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Phillies Filtered Cigars Original 10 Packs of 20


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This is a blend that speaks for itself- concocted from an old school tobacco recipe that yields traditional flavors all the way to the end of the burn. The Phillies Original Filtered Cigars are packed with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos that inundate the senses of taste and smell in natural fragrances. These non aromatic cigarettes boast a size of 3.12x20 - impeccable for luxurious recreational smoking sessions. Don't be fooled by their smaller size; their quality doesn't fall short of their bigger premium brothers. Clothed in a homogenized wrapper leaf, each of these medium bodied cigars is seamlessly rolled to proffer a consistent burn with each drag. Allowing for an incredibly easy draw, Phillies are guaranteed to always deliver an uncompromising smoking experience. Grown on plantations that are blessed with ample sun and rainfall, these cigarettes come from the fertile soils of several Caribbean countries. Brought together and assembled in the USA, Phillies are a top of the line brand that put quality before anything else.

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