Golden Leaf Regular Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


Sometimes it's a good idea to top off the night with a full flavored smoke that offers no compromise. Made exclusively from a blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos, Golden Leaf Regular offers a medium to strong strength that doesn't leave a noticeable room note behind. The tobacco leaves comprising this product are coarse cut, a perfect texture for both pipes and rolling paper - a texture that burns slowly and consistently. This product is tightly packaged into resealable bags that sufficiently prevent the distribution of shake, while offering a resealable zipper that preserves freshness and quality long after the bag is opened. Tobacco Stock offers this product in 6 oz bags and 16 oz bags, depending upon one's smoking demand. Golden Leaf is manufactured by Global Tobacco LLC in a Texas climate that is just right for the pipe tobacco plant - a climate that perfectly blends just the right amount of rainfall, sunshine and humidity in order to render a perfectly ripe tobacco leaf. Experience Golden Leaf, a brand that combines immaculate quality with an amazing, unforgettable taste in order to render the best smoking experience.