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Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Bag

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Allow your senses to dive into an ocean of subtle flavors and light strengths, where they will feel catered too and respected. The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco 5lb Bag is a product which not only treads lightly on your senses but also offers the best bang for your buck. What's so great about this is the fact that this bag is literally stuffed with the finest course cut tobacco, which burns unhurriedly and consistently no matter where it is packed. Delivering a gentle smoking experience, this non aromatic pipe tobacco is the best choice for beginners, although it is enjoyed by aficionados alike. Stuffed into re-sealable bags this product is known for its long term flavor preservation. Having withstood the incredible test of time, this Good Stuff masterpiece is one of a kind in its place.

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