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Pom Pom Cigarillos 99 Cent Pre Priced 15 Packs of 3 Cigars Glazed

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Rolled to perfection thanks to the expertise of Swisher Sweets International, the Pom Pom Glazed cigarillos boast a fashionable design that exceeds all modern expectations. What sets these apart from the rest of the crowd is the scrumptious natural wrapper that has a very smooth and comfortable finish. Rendering a mild in strength smoking experience, the Pom Poms are designed to cheer you on all the way to the completion of the smoke. Stuffed with short filler tobaccos, one should expect a sweeter taste of glaze that emulates that of common foods that have been coated with a special sweetened treatment. Their amiable, smooth taste is never harsh on the senses and always treats them with utmost respect. Don't pass up on this perfect opportunity to treat your senses with the best of the best!

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