Good Days Factory Rejects Churchill Cigars Box of 50


We welcome you to an extraordinary world of Good Days Factory Rejects. Because of superficially high standards in the modern world, luxury smoke sticks that don't meet 100% of expectations become rejected. Even if there is a minor blemish on the body, which the consumer doesn't notice. Now is your perfect opportunity to save on these factory rejects without compromising on your smoking experience. Cloaked in a beauteous Connecticut Wrapper, each of these products delivers a high quality smoking experience from start to finish. Found inside of each of these rejects is the finest Dominican Filler tobacco that had had zero shortcomings in its growth process and features the best taste in its class. These Churchill goodies boast a premium design that is hard to eclipse when it comes to competition. This listing features the Good Days Factory Rejects Churchill Cigars Box of 50, perfect for extended flavor and taste preservation.