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RAW Classic Pre Rolled 1 1/4 Cones 32 Packs of 6


The RAW Cones are a groundbreaking product that has transformed the smoking tobacco industry. Cones like these are a faster method to fill the joint than regular rolling paper. They also come with a unique watermark with a crisscross, which helps prevent burns and even runs. Available in various sizes they are ideal for both casual smokers as well as the most experienced of tobacco lovers.

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones consist from organic, sustainable hemp and are branded with a unique criss-cross imprint to ensure consistency in quality. They are made from an extremely thin, cylinder-shaped material that permits the smoking of more tobacco at the start of a drag, but less towards the end. Raw's watermark is patented, which ensures a fresh smoking experience, with no cooking, and a discreet packaging.

Raw cones are one of the most popular rolling papers that are available. They have natural light brown colors and are made of hemp fiber and hemp-derived gum. They are authentic smoke since they're free of synthetic substances including bleach and other chemicals. Additionally, RAW cones do not produce a bitter aftertaste that is a frequent complaint against different brands of roll paper. 

Pick up your Raw 1.25 pre-rolled cones from tobaccostock and save!

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