Hempire King Size Pure Hemp Rolling Papers, 50 booklets


A quality brand of cigarettes can be the difference between a good and bad smoking experience. The majority of people stick to familiar brands. However, there are many other brands that could provide more benefits. There are some rolling papers that create a more enjoyable.

Hempire King rolling papers make one of the top hemp rolling papers on the market. They're not too thick and made from only the correct amount of gum. Additionally, they come with a mild taste. They're reasonably priced and make a good option for those looking for cigarettes.

The papers are light, and they burn slow. They're also green. They are made of 100 percent hemp. It's the first natural 100% hemp paper for rolling made in the US.

There are a variety of brands of king size rolling paper. Some are thin and others are thick. Additionally, certain paper are treated using a chlorinated chemical to make them whiter. Some papers are bleached and others are tan or brown.