Show Cigarillos Ba Boom Pre Priced 15 Pouches of 5


Whether you're on the move or you're enjoying a relaxing day off, the Show Cigarillos Ba Boom are a great choice for you. These evenly burning cigarillos consist of tobacco leaves perfectly packaged in blunts in order to create a balanced smoking experience. These cigarillos come in 15 Pouches of 5 and are great for traveling! We are Show's official distributor, proudly carrying their amazing tobacco products. Our shipping is fast and satisfactory.

Produced in the Dominican Republic, Show Cigarillos are one of the highest quality cigarillos available on the market. For smokers that wish to experience great taste and a pleasuring smoke should not look past Show. If you are looking to save, then look no further than our online retail store or our wholesale distribution center. Our shipping is fast and satisfactory.