Signal Menthol Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


Are you seeking out a refreshing kick that imitates that of a gum chewing session? Look no further than the Signal Menthol Filtered Cigarettes. These cigars are concocted with a secret blend of three different North Carolina tobaccos that are infused with a splash of minty flavoring to endorse their flavorful punch. They are perfectly rolled in a homogenized tobacco leaf, a wrapper that is comprised evenly of a tobacco leaf and paper to form a consistent blend. Seamlessly blending into the fully functioning cigar filter, these machine rolled masterpieces deliver the perfect bang for the buck - a long in duration, satisfying smoking experience that renders an even and consistent burn. Milder in their strength, the Menthol flavoring in these cigars slightly overshadows the natural tobacco flavoring that renders the baseline taste of these cigars. Signal has built their Menthol lineup with a filter that suffices to expunge any unwanted byproducts of combustion when ignited, leaving the smoker with a pure taste and an aromatic room note that attracts positive attention. Grown on fertile plantations where the sun couples with the perfect humidity and soil fertility to deliver the highest in quality product, these cigars make the perfect contenders for the most wonder-filled smoking experience one would ever embark on.