Signal Smooth Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


Besides their notorious Full flavored cigars, Signal has blessed the tobacco market with yet another premier feature: the Signal Smooth Filtered Cigars. These cigars feature a stronger delivery of flavor than many of their siblings, providing the smoker with a full flavor taste that is overshadowed by more of a soothing smoke. What Signal has done, is compile three different types of tobaccos to render the perfect recipe. Made from the finer, smoother leaves of the harvest these cigars are packed with a blend that allows for a smoother smoke that isn't as harsh on the sense of taste and smell as other blends. Grown exclusively on the fertile lands of North Carolina, these Signal Cigars are a byproduct of a recipe so covert that no other brand could ever emulate their blend. Wrapped in an exclusive homogenized tobacco leaf that seamlessly swathes the soft filler tobaccos, these cigarettes boast an all natural tobacco flavoring. Signal is also known for great construction- each of these cigars is perfectly machine rolled and their ingredients are all tightly packaged together for the preservation of freshness. With an easy going draw, Signal fitted their Smooth cigars with a revolutionary filter that extracts unwanted byproducts of combustion when inhaled to create a pure smoking experience.