Sparrow Mild Blend Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


For those that prefer to avoid overpowering their senses, the Sparrow Mild Blend Pipe Tobacco is the perfect choice. Made with the most professional recipes involving a combination of perfectly cured Cavendish tobaccos, this beautiful blend encompasses the epitome of perfection. Tailored to fit a Ribbon Cut standard, you can now stuff this pipe tobacco into a roll your own or a pipe alike, experiencing zero compromises each time you ignite it and inhale it. Smoother than the original blend for the more sensitive preference, don't underestimate the kick of this concoction, for it never disappoints. This smooth blend is gentle on the senses and soothes any discomfort upon each inhalation. Packaged into resealable 6 oz bags, you can now expect an extended preservation of quality and flavor.