Super Value Pipe Tobacco Cherry 12 oz. Bag


What do you like about the legendary cherry? Perhaps you haven 't given this question much thought, but now it is time to commence thinking about it. The Super Value Pipe Tobacco Cherry Cavendish is the epitome of combining the finest Cavendish and Burley Tobaccos with the pungent, tarty cherry in order to create a combination that even the gods revere. The ripe notes of cherries pervade the environment with every inhalation, featuring a strong, aromatic flavors that are difficult to overlook. Although there is a definite rendering of pronounced flavors, the room note is rather humble and balanced. For any of you looking to tread gently on your senses with a mild to medium strength profile, this product is definitely the way to go. It always delivers the promising flavor without ever overpowering or overwhelming your senses. The texture of the leaves contained in this product is loose cut, perfect for tendering a consistent smoking experience with a fine and delicate burn. This listing features the 12 oz bag, optimized for the preservation of flavor and integrity for long periods of time.