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Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillos Grape 15 Pouches of 3

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Swisher Sweets take fusions to the next level with the Swisher Sweets Grape Mini Cigarillos. Taste both the finest quality of tobacco with sweet and succulent grapes with every puff. The perfect balance of flavors can make this a quick favorite in no time.

In this masterful concoction, you’d still see Swisher Sweet’s blend of the finest tobaccos, as well as the sweetness associated with this powerhouse brand. But instead of the regular mild and sweet, the flavor profile has another dimension of the exhilarating grape flavor!

Are you worried about losing that distinct taste? Seal in the freshness in its foil pack. All that in a small and compact smoke, perfect for a quick break. Each mini cigarillo pack comes in 15 pouches of 3 fun-sized cigarillos, providing you with a generous supply of your favorite grape-flavored aroma.

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