Beretta Filter Tubes 100mm Elite (Light) 1 Carton of 200


The Beretta Elite 100mm Tubes are a revolutionary product that boasts micro perforations throughout their blueprint design for the purpose of simplifying the draw the smoker experiences with every pull. After he or she packs these papers with their tobacco of choice, they commence to inhale the product and experience an even burn throughout the entire session whilst tasting the same great taste that is offered by the original tubes. Fit with a black filter, these Beretta Elite 100mm Tubes are built to extrude inherent byproducts in tobacco that are unwanted, purifying the taste and quality of the smoke from start to finish. They make your smoking experience hard to compare to other tubes, for they offer a technology that isn't readily available in the contemporary tobacco markets. With every box containing a 200 count of papers, you can rest assured that you will have a rich supply for a long period of time.