Beretta Filter Tubes King Size Elite Light 1 Carton of 200


The Beretta Elite King Tubes are the epitome of high technology roll your owns, showing off never before produced micro perforations that are imprinted for the purpose of an easier draw. Sponsoring the same great taste as the original tubes, this illustrious masterpiece of a roll your own allows for the snug fit of any of your choices of tobacco whilst promising an even burning experience every single time. Devoid of many of the harmful chemicals present in other contemporary papers this product offers an uncompromising delivery in taste with every inhalation and promises the preservation of quality and freshness for long periods of time. Fit snug with a black filter tip each of these tubes is designed in a way, which further extrudes unwanted byproducts of the tobacco smoke and leaves behind a much cleaner smoking experience. With each box coming in a count of 200 papers, The Beretta Elite King Tubes are really amongst the best in their class, offering an impeccable smoking experience every time.