Action Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag


Products such as the Action Smooth Pipe Tobacco are especially designed for those that prefer to pack their pipes with smoother tobacco leaves, that render a less harsh, gentler smoke. Comprised of softest tobacco leaves that were picked off of the tobacco plantation, this product continues to amaze smokers with its perfect ability to exclude the harshness of regular blends whilst continuing to deliver the same great taste. This non aromatic pipe tobacco is blended with the finest Burley and Virginia tobaccos, delivering an unprecedented taste that isn't followed by a bothersome room note- allowing it to yield a rather low room note. Tightly packaged into 6oz bags or 16oz bags that are stitched with a resealable zipper, Action professionally eliminates the distribution of shake, preserving the integrity of the contents of the bags.

Action continues to astonish smokers with its immaculate ability to blend great value with premium quality.