Afzal Hookah Shisha Blueberry 10 Packs of 50g


Afzal Blueberry Hookah Tobacco is a distinctive blueberry flavored blend of hookah tobacco. The resultant smoke is incredibly delicious and sweet, and is ideal for those who appreciate a rich, flavorful smoke. Made from premium Indian leaf tobacco, molasses and other natural flavors from all over the world, this hookah tobacco is something you must try.

Afzal Hookah Tobacco is available in a wide variety of options. The company was founded in India and now has more than 40 flavors available. Each batch is meticulously examined by a team of trained experts to ensure it is in line with the highest standards of quality.

The blend contains premium quality tobacco leaves as well as natural and international flavors. It provides a long-lasting, rich tobacco flavor. It's also very smooth in the mouth, as contrary to other hookah tobacco mixes and is recommended for preliminary and regular smokers.