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Afzal Malai Chai Hookah Shisha 250g


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If you're seeking an easy and delicious Hookah Tobacco brand, Afzal can be your best choice. They produce an excellent mix made of Indian tobacco leaves, Molasses and natural flavors to create an easy, long-lasting smoke. Afzal smoking hookahs is used in smokers in hookah lounges as well as by individuals across the globe.

The Shisha tobacco comes in a range of flavors each with its distinctive flavor and scent. The most well-known flavors are Double Apple, Sour Grape Fruit and Grapes. These flavors will entice your senses and offer an enjoyable and refreshing enjoyment for the hookah smoking session.

Afzal offers a broad range of flavors that are soft and delicious. The bubble gum flavor is a strong variation of the popular flavor. It covers the tongue with an icy cream-like sensation. Another flavor, Gum with Mint, is designed to replicate the flavor of spearmint chewing gum. It is smooth and sweet with notes that make it a great option for those who are new or just beginning to smokers.

Afzal Shisha offers a variety of flavors that are suitable for anyone who smokes hookah. The range of aromatics offered by the company is enhanced by natural flavors and molasses from all over the globe. The products of the company are available in over 40 distinct flavors with 5 flavor categories which include Indian Paan and Indian Chai.

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