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Black Jack Rigoletto Cigars 4 Packs of 5


Rivet your senses in the next generation of the non-flavored goodness. The Black Jack Rigoletto Cigars are made exclusively for the aficionado that takes delight in throwing himself/herself head first into the experience of tobacco leaves that are devoid of any other flavors in order to experience the naked goodness for what it is. Cloaked in a premium Maduro Wrapper, each of these smoke sticks boast a sensational veneer that allows for the consistency of smoke to be manifested from start to finish. These cigars are spectacular, showing off pure USA made short filler tobacco that is grown and compiled to allow for an exclusively consistent and even smoking experience. The smooth profile featured by each of these smoke sticks is designed to get the flavor across to the senses without oversaturating them. Each smoke stick is sized at 6.5 inches and assumes a gauge of 46 respectively. The sweet Maduro cloak adds a tint of honeyed flavors on the finish, whilst allowing the traditional tobacco savor to dominate the smoking experience. This listing comes in 4 packs of 5, each sealed for freshness.

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