City Life Cigarillos 5 for $1.49 Sweet 15 Packs of 5


Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you prefer to tantalize your senses because of your preferences but don't want to overindulge in dessert because it is high in sugar? Then refer to City Life Sweet Cigarillos. Not only will they not make you diabetic, they will also never overpower your senses due to their mild in strength flavor profile. Thanks to a Natural Wrapper that hugs them, you can now experience a top of the line draw and construction that soothingly embraces your sense of taste and smell. Made out of the best tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic, you can rest assured that the product you're getting is the most ripened pick that has been infused with qualitative nutrients and ample sunlight, along with its accompanying ingredient: rain.

City Life Sweet 99c has been phased out due to inflation, not to worry, the line isnt going away, the pre-price 99c is now $1.49!