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Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Toro, Box of 10


Created as a collaboration with Deadwood Tobacco Company and Drew Estate the Fat Bottom Betty Toro has many types. The main thing to note is the blend of old filler tobaccos. It's in addition the most costly infusion cigar ever produced by the Drew Estate family. The main aspect is the taste, this cigar truly is well worth the price. Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty is an excellent cigar that is enjoyable for the traditional cigar lover.

This Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Toro is somewhat larger than the regular smoke. It comes with a maduro wrapper that imparts an appealing taste. It also comes with a substantial cherry-toned cigar box. Its logo appears gold outside and the text in scripted font is inside. The logo also shows the nature that is the fat bottom. 

Its Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty may not be the most expensive, however, it is among the most pleasant. The unique blend of tobaccos is able to surprise even the most sophisticated taste. Also, you will get the most enjoyable smoke you've had in a long time. This Fat Bottom Betty may not be the most inexpensive cigar however it comes in a range of sizes and is an enjoyable smoke that you'll ever enjoy.
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