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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Russian Cream 20 Pouches of 3

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Dutch Masters Russian Cream Cigarillos are soft and mild-flavored. They are made by machines and come from Puerto Rico. The blend of Cuban seed tobaccos as well as a mix of tobacco wrappers provide a deep and smooth smoke. The distinct combination of vanilla, custard bean and sweet tobaccos makes this an enjoyable smoke that is perfect for any time of the day. The cigars are sold in foil-fresh packs of 20-counts and are priced reasonably.

The Dutch Master brand is available across the country. Dutch Masters cigarillos have become one of the most popular cigarillo varieties currently. The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards for all of its cigars. The cigars of the company are renowned for their distinct taste and scent, and are ideal for those who love cigars.

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