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Gambler Pipe Tobacco Menthol (Mint) 6 oz. Bag

2 reviews

A minty taste so cool and refreshing will leave your senses in a world of bliss. Introducing the Gambler Pipe Tobacco Menthol blend, a product made of the finest combination of Burley and Virginia tobaccos, hand selected so one can be ensured that they have reached a state of perfection. This non aromatic smoke is Ribbon cut in order to facilitate an even, consistent smoke when placed into a pipe or rolled into rolling paper. With a balanced flavor intensity, you can rest assured that your minty smoke will not be too harsh or overpower - your senses will feel a rush that is just right. Once ignited, the smoke is medium in strength, yet the room note remains low - a perfect combination that leaves those in the immediate surroundings at peace with your smoke and your senses at peace as they taste the refreshening flavor. Gambler Menthol Pipe Tobacco comes in 6oz and 16oz bags accordingly, each sealed in resealable Zip-Tite bags that guarantee the preservation of freshness and quality for a long time after they are opened.

Produced by Republic Tobacco in the USA, Gambler is the new player in the game that deserves recognition for its delivery of high quality products.

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Gambler Tobacco and tubes

Good quality quick delivery

Smoke '.

Refreshingly Rich & Robust

This outstanding menthol offering is not for the faint of heart, but hardcore menthol afficionados will absolutely love it. The menthol flavor stands front and center, and may be too much for those who crave a more subtle smoke. While I'm a confirmed menthol lover, I've found myself overwhelmed by the preponderance of menthol in other brands, but Gambler's particular mix has incorporated a base layer of robust domestic tobaccos perfectly suited to the menthol idiom that translates into a rich, highly satisfying end product that never compromises the taste of fine tobacco, though it comes close. The overall effect is tantalizing and, dare I say, highly addictive. I have only a couple of brands that I can consistently count on for the balance of flavor I seek, but Gambler menthol may go to the top of the list if I can ascertain consistency with the 6-ounce sampler I recently got. The "wow" factor of this blend was a very pleasant surprise, and for the first time in a long time I actually got a bit of a head rush from this stuff. I can't put it down, and that 6-ouncer will soon be history. I'll order a pound next time, and if there's consistency, Gambler will be at the top of my list (my top menthol picks so far are OHM, The Good Stuff and 752). I continue to try other brands, and have been impressed with how many really good menthol blends are out there, though Gambler has been the biggest surprise of all. I would imagine Gambler menthol would blend quite nicely with a good non-menthol tobacco for those looking for a less menthol-intensive smoke. What I'd really like to see is a Turkish-menthol hybrid a la Camel Turkish Jade or Newport. Tobacco producers take note: if you make it, they will smoke. Or at least I will.