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Garcia y Vega 1882 Honey Berry Cigarillos 8 Pouches of 5

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For the lovers of dessert and possessors of the sweet tooth, the Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Honey Berry Cigarillos bring together a tasty amalgamation of fruity flavors and rustic tobacco savors. On the inside lie a prominent plethora of sweet, honeyed berry tangs that embrace the senses by bonding with the sugar receptors in the most perfect of ways. Wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper, each of these products shows off a gorgeous veneer that burns with consistency and ethics upon every ignition. Sized at 4.5 inches and gauged at 27, these miniature cigars are a great solution for a perfect recreational smoke. This is literally, hands down one of the best daily smokes available. The Natural short filler on the inside is professionally ripened and ready to deliver only the best smoking experience to you at your demand. Each product contains 8 pouches of 5 cigarillos accordingly.

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