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Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Natural Cigarillos 8 Pouches of 5

$13.20 $19.99

This is about as good as they get. After perfecting their recipe for more than a century, Game Garcia y Vega can finally boast about being one of the best on the market. Made with Natural Tobacco Leaves that are devoid of any foreign flavors, each of these smoke sticks are for the old school smoker that enjoys the natural essence by itself. Wrapped in a gorgeous Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco, each of these products comes from plantations where ample sun and rain have created the perfect recipe to satisfy a top-notch taste. Sized at 4.5 inches and gauged at 32, one can expect a comfortable and luxurious smoke that is just as gentle on the mouth as it is on the throat. Originating out of the Dominican Republic, this product is comprised of tobacco leaves that will never disappoint you due to their immaculate quality!

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