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Game Vega Cigarillos Hard Lemonade Foil 2 for 99 Cents 30 Pouches of 2


No matter if you are looking to relax or sip a refreshing drink in the afternoon. You can be sure that you'll have an enjoyable time smoking Game cigarillos. They are affordable cigars with pleasant aromas and come with the most exquisite blends of tobacco. They come in many varieties, including Peach, White Grape, and Honey.

The cigars are foiled individually to guarantee freshness. They also have natural leaf wrappers to enhance the flavor and mild flavor. They are made through Garcia y Vega, a famous producer of top-quality cigars. They've been producing premium cigars since 1882 and offer a guarantee on each purchase. The cigars are manufactured using the ring gauge of 28. They are offered in 25 mildly flavored packs.

They are made with the most potent blends of tobaccos that come from Mexico, Connecticut, and Connecticut. Each pack contains a mixture of filler tobaccos aged over time which are blended with essential oils that make them unique in taste. The cigars are wrapped carefully to protect oil essentials from getting damaged in handling. They're available in a range of flavors such as Peach, White Grape, Honey along with Tropical Mango.

The cigars are packed in foil-wrapped containers and come with a coupon for replacement. They're available in a variety of sizes, which include 4 1/2 inches of length, and the ring gauge is 28.
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