Garcia Y Vega Gallantes 50 count box


Garcia Y Vega Gallantes cigars are handmade using the finest filler tobaccos as well as organic leaf wrappers. These cigars are silky smooth and delicious, and have the traditional tobacco flavor. They've been delighting smokers for more than two centuries.

Garcia Y Vega cigars are cheap and an essential part of the American smoker's collection. They are made from tobacco that has been grown with great care , and then wrapped in premium flavor-infused wrapper leaf. Their distinctive flavor profile and low cost makes them a popular choice for domestic brands.

The most compact dimensions in Garcia Y Vega cigars is just four and a quarter inches in length. They have an average diameter of 27 mm and are available as boxes with 50 cigarettes. The cigars are sold in airtight packages to protect their aroma as well as essential oils.

Additionally, they are affordable and affordable, it is also affordable. Garcia Y Vega brand has been operating since 1882. They're a favorite among many smokers due to their taste, and affordability.