Golden Harvest Filter Tubes 100 mm Menthol 5 Cartons of 200


Are you a big fan of the minty taste that refreshes and revitalizes your senses in full? Thanks to the Golden Harvest Menthol 100mm Filter Tubes you can now experience the finest tubes available, made by the number one fan favorite manufacturer from North Carolina: Rouseco. This all American product shows off a beautifully crafted cloak that is underpinned by a finely rolled 25mm filter tip that suffices to extract a majority of unwanted byproducts of the smoking experience, leaving the aspirant to face a pure smoke from the beginning to the end every time. This minty sensation allows one to experience a revitalizing flavor burst no matter what tobacco he or she stuffs the tubes with, allowing for an incredibly flavorful complement with each inhalation. No matter what your smoking needs, never look past Golden Harvest, for they are truly one of the best around.