Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Bag


With so many other players in the game Good Stuff had to use their creative juices in order to concoct something that soars above the rest like an eagle over the forests below. This time around, the focus was to deliver a pipe tobacco that builds off of the non aromatic taste found in natural tobacco but with a mellower strength profile that ultimately renders a milder smoking experience. Designed for the mass consumer, the 5lb bags in this listing have been created to appease those that view smoking as a lifestyle. Combining the greatest possible value with the highest in quality product has never been a more successful endeavor than with what has been achieved through the creation and dissemination of the Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 5lb Bags. Packaged into re-sealable packages for the purpose of long term quality and flavor preservation, you can rest easy whilst knowing that the integrity of your product will be preserved for long periods of time.