Good Times Blueberry Flat Wraps Pre Priced 25 Pouches of 2


If you like the flavor of blueberries and are searching for a top-quality cigar wrapper, then The Good Times Blueberry Flat wraps make for a fantastic option. These wrappers for cigars are constructed using carefully selected ingredients, and are the best method to roll the cigar you want to roll. Additionally, these wrappers are reasonably priced. You can purchase 50 pouches that contain two wrappers at a low cost.

Good Times is a company famous for rolling cigarettes, rolling cigars and produces many kinds of flat wraps. The flavors they offer are Blueberry, Chocolate, Passion, Sour Apple, Fruit Punch and many more. The wraps are available in a wide range of flavors and colors, and are perfect for people who love a flavored and fruity cigarette.