Good Times Sweet Woods cigarillos 15 Pouches of 2 Rum River


The Good Times Rum River Cigarillos are a great value for premium smokes. They are made with premium natural leaf tobaccos sourced from the Dominican Republic and finished with an Connecticut leaf wrapper. They are rolled by machines and have an aroma of fruit. The cigars are sold in packages of either 15 or 30 cigars. Good Times Woods Cigarillos are a fantastic opportunity to sample a high-end cigar without costing you a fortune.

Good Times has been making cheap, delicious machine-made cigarettes for a long time. Sweet Woods is one of their most affordable models. Made of 100 organic tobacco leaves coated with Connecticut broadleaf the cigarillos provide mild smoke.  Since they're offered in packs of 15 and you're able to try some before deciding whether or not you'd like to buy an entire box.