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Good Times Watermelon Flat Wraps Pre Priced 25 Pouches of 2

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If you're looking to enjoy your favorite tobacco-flavored cigarettes or cigars without the stress in rolling it, then Good Times Flat Wraps Watermelon are a fantastic option. They are made of premium tobacco leaves and Good times offers these flat wrps in a variety of flavors if watermelon is not to your liking. You can have a cool and refreshing drink with these wraps made of watermelon that are also ideal for a refreshing, light summer lunch.

The 50ct package consisting of Good Times Watermelon flat wraps are a fantastic value for money and the flavor is exceptional. They're packed with high-quality tobacco filler and are enclosed with a smooth, sturdy wrapper. The most appealing aspect is that they're sold at a price that is unusually low when compared to other wrappers for cigars. Additionally, they are guaranteed to be freshness!

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