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La Vieja Habana Connecticut Shade G-Fresh Lock Pack of 5 Cigars


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Finally a product worth celebrating. The La Vieja Habana Connecticut Shade Cigars boast a precious appeal that comes from hand rolled perfection. Made with a perfectly balanced amalgamation of short filler and long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, these cigars are embraced by a medium bodied Connecticut Shade Wrapper. One that burns with impeccable precision, this product features earthy flavors upon every inhalation. Thanks to ripened filler tobaccos, every puff turns into thick blue smoke upon every exhalation, clouding any remaining doubt in the smoker's mind that the product he or she is puffing on is sub par. Each stick assimilates the dimension of 5 ¬Ω x 46, with a smoothed out veneer that shows off a blueprint of perfection. These sticks were the first Drew Estates embracing their original debut in 1994, sponsoring a well built following that hasn't dissipated at all during a 20+ year period. Thanks to a combination of precision and technology, this product is the Drew Estate flagship. Coming in a fresh-loc pack of five, you can rest assured that quality will be preserved for extended durations.

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